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We are an independent production company. But because any profits we earn are shared among every person who works with us, and because we pride ourselves on accomplishing things as a team where everyone is equal, we think of ourselves more as a consortium. We number in the hundreds, humbly acknowledging that as a team we have extraordinary talents and passion for finding ways in which to explore the arts everywhere, especially in hidden corners. Recently we have been most active in New York and Atlanta, but we have hubs and projects all across North America and Europe. We are proud to partner with AcquaTroupe, a diverse and profound ensemble of live performance artists.

We are led by an Artistic Director, several Artist Consultants, and the teams of our individual projects. The two cornerstones of what we do are to encourage and support artists, and to explore new/hybrid/innovative means of artistic expression. We insist that each project is of the highest quality we can produce.

World Oceans is funded by private donations, revenue from our projects, and grants. Every person who works with us is paid a share of all future profits from his/her project and its residuals, in perpetuity. As much as our resources allow, we provide some financial advances, compensation for travel and other perks and benefits, particularly to artists in principal roles and to staff and crew members whose expenditure of time is large.

We have two partners in the entertainment industry as well: AcquaTroupe, who specializes in live performances and showcasings and James Gibson Arts, who helps James showcase his talents on the piano. You will probably recognize several World Oceans talent within their teams as well!

“When a few friends and I concocted World Oceans several years ago, we wanted to create art which was somehow different, bold and memorable; and we wanted to provide opportunities for as many deserving artists -- and audiences -- as possible. That is still our mission. Cooperation rather than competition, love rather than violence, respect rather than suspicion or exclusion…..those words describe what kind of production group we strive to be.”

     -James Gibson, Artistic Director

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