On the set of BD PSA
Collegiate Gorgeous Photoshoot
Alisa Interviewing Tootsie for Behcets PSA

At WOA we have quite a few actors who have appeared in tv and video commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, industrial promotions and public service announcements. Soon this page will display some of their experiences, with all the laughs and mishaps and perks of that aspect of performing. We are also preparing our first visual arts brochure, which will contain the beautiful results of some of our best print projects and live art exhibits!

World Oceans Arts supports the American Behcets Disease Association!

Behcet's disease is one of the most debilitating and least understood afflictions which affect many people. At World Oceans Arts we are proud to support efforts to help Behcet's victims and to conquer this disease. We ask every visitor to this site to please visit www.behcets.com. There you can learn about the disease, and see newsletters and announcements of events which are designed to draw attention to their work.

behcets ribbon

We have produced a public service video which features two Behcets patients, WOA's own Alisa Erkes, and Tootsie Mitchell, another Behcets patient. You can see this video below. We also spearheaded a tshirt campaign to both raise funds for the ABDA as well as raise awareness for the disease as a whole. We hope you will consider donating to ABDA yourself, even though that campaign is over. The battle against Behcet's begins with public awareness and the understanding of what the disease does to people. We are committed to helping raise that awareness, and we thank you for joining our efforts.

We are very happy to announce that the original post on FB of our PSA, has reached over 37 thousand views! This means thousands of people learned what Behcets Disease is by viewing our video. Thank you so much to those that shared it to their own FB pages!

View and SHARE the PSA's FB post HERE!

Special thanks to the following for helping make this PSA possible:

James Gibson, our Director

RonVanLife, our DP (check out his other work here)

Alisa Erkes, our Writer and Lead actress

Tootsie Mitchell, our other Behcets patient

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Artists at the Bottom


Free and Pretty at Last

Tantalizing Tropical

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Pandemic Panic

Brighten Up!

We are always open to ideas and requests for ways in which we can publicize worthy projects where there is great need. We are continuously seeking actors, writers, photographers, videographers and a range of creative artists to help us with that mission. Words and pictures speak very loudly to the world. The opportunities are endless!